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Because you're up at arms about them petitioning against his participation in the anthology even though that's exercising the same right to speech he has and even though what they're doing is far less harmful than actively promoting, financing, and otherwise supporting legislation that not only bans gay marriage, but actually banned consensual gay sex in some cases, as he used to support when it was still on the books, links homosexuality to rape and molestation, and calls for the violent overthrow of the government if they don't uphold his and his religion's views
Again, I think his views are appalling and repugnant.

You don't see why people would and should actively protest his involvement in pop culture works they care about?
Sure, of course people should protest his involvement in works they care about. But I'm sorry, there's just a difference in my mind between saying I'm not going to buy it and asking others not to buy it as well, and asking the people who made it to remove him entirely.

How about getting your priorities straight and putting things in perspective and not taking out your ire on the wrong targets?
I can take my ire out on multiple people for multiple reasons. Clearly, someone saying linking homosexuality to rape is worse than asking that person not be employed. But just because I dislike one doesn't mean I have to like the other. Nowhere in this thread have I come anywhere near supporting OSC's repellent views, and if this was an OSC's Thoughts on Homosexuality thread, that's what my posts would be focused on, but since this is about the petition and his work on the Superman comic, I'm making my feelings on that issue known. Staying on topic seems like having my priorities straight to me.
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