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Employment isn't a right. If the company see his employment as a negative he can be terminated. See Sheen, Charlie.
And I keep saying again and again that I understand this. I'm not saying DC doesn't have the right to hire or fire anyone they choose. These are just my opinions on the reasons.

If OSC was hired to write a Superman story, wrote a good Superman story, and then they didn't run the Superman story for issues entirely unrelated to what he turned in, I just don't think that's a very good reason (while a good reason would be; he wrote a shit Superman story). Not that they shouldn't have been able to do it. Just that I don't like it.

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I'm not sure I agree. We're talking about a piece of merchandise, a product meant to satisfy consumers. Don't consumers have the right to give feedback about what they want in the products they buy? This isn't a free-speech issue, because the government isn't involved. It's an issue of commerce, of buyers making their preferences known to a seller. If, say, consumers petitioned a restaurant not to serve tuna that wasn't dolphin-safe, or petitioned a toy company not to make their toys in a country that used child labor, would you say that was over the line?

People have the freedom to express their views in public all they want. But if they want to sell a product -- which is what a work of professional fiction is -- then they're not guaranteed success, not in a capitalist system. Their work may get rejected by the publisher, or it may fail to get ordered in significant quantities by stores, or it may not sell many copies due to lack of promotion or bad reviews or any number of factors. In capitalism, you take your chances and failure is always an option.

Ultimately, of course, a petition is just a request, an expression of an opinion. It's still going to be up to DC to decide whether to publish the story or not. Just because a petition exists, that doesn't mean they'll obey its request. But the petition is a way for people to express their opinions to the publisher. It's audience feedback, nothing more. It's somewhat contradictory to say that Card has the right to express his views but the audience doesn't have the right to express theirs.

I feel like I'm repeating myself again and again. I think every person who signed that petition was perfectly, well-within their rights to do so and DC was well-within their rights to not publish the OSC story based on public opinion. All I've been discussing is how I feel about the petition's request, which I think is ridiculous. Not that it's illegal, not that they didn't have a write to do it, just how I feel on it.
So lets review...DC's readership is tells them that they will not purchase their product until this guy is removed from the book. Retailers that listen to their patrons have decided that they will not carry said book by this author...

Yet you are saying that DC should continue to employ this guy to put out a product that is now going to be created at a financial loss? How does that make any sense from a business perspective?
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