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Employment isn't a right. If the company see his employment as a negative he can be terminated. See Sheen, Charlie.
And I keep saying again and again that I understand this. I'm not saying DC doesn't have the right to hire or fire anyone they choose. These are just my opinions on the reasons.

If OSC was hired to write a Superman story, wrote a good Superman story, and then they didn't run the Superman story for issues entirely unrelated to what he turned in, I just don't think that's a very good reason. Not that they shouldn't have been able to do it. Just that I don't like it.
It being good is probably the least of DC's concerns at this point. Just as Sheen being the star of a top rated TV was the least concern of the producers of that show when thinking about keeping him. They have a lot more at stake than doing something you don't like.
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