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I'll say again, and no one has yet to disprove this...had Card been expressing openly racist, anti-Semitic or sexist ideas and openly advocating limiting the rights of minorities, jews, or women AND been a high profile member of an organization that supported such positions...this conversation would not be happening. NO ONE would be here defending him.
Sorry I didn't see that post, because yes, I absolutely would. I have no problem with anyone holding any kind of views from getting work so long as their prejudices don't actively interfere with someone else's livelihood (IE, a racist manager discriminating against an African-American employee). But I don't think someone's personal views, regardless of how much I may strongly disagree with them, should have anything to do with their employment one way or another.
Employment isn't a right. If the company see his employment as a negative he can be terminated. See Sheen, Charlie.
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