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I wonder how many people are getting their panties in a bunch over DC canning Card's story yet have no issues when anti-gay groups call for boycotts against gay friendly companies.
I have no problem with any anti-gay person not wanting to support gay friendly companies nor a pro-gay person not wanting to support anti-gay companies (like Chik-Fil-A). I would have a problem if either of them actively said their goal was to make those companies go out of business. Not that I think they shouldn't be able to say that, just that I personally wouldn't like it.

Please don't try to make this issue about mean homophobes having a double standard when it comes to gay things. I've had cocks in my mouth many times. The fact that this is connected to the issue of homosexuality is incidental to me. For me, it boils down to: I don't have a problem with someone refusing to buy a product because they don't like the views of someone involved; I do have a problem with someone wanting that to extend beyond themselves and people who agree with them so that no one can purchase it.
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