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Although Superman is not married at the moment, surely aliens marrying human beings is a million times worse than gay humans marrying each other because it's technically bestiality...
Bestiality is only wrong because animals have no right of consent. If other species, be it animal or alien, had the same ability to speak, communicate, and express willing feelings of love and affection like Superman can, there wouldn't be anything wrong with it.
Just because they can't talk, it doesn't mean that dogs are not capable of emotional loyalty and love, and if "you" are in some sort of naked situation and that dog who loves you, who you have had a master pet relationship with for years, at that moment, of their own choice, free will and volition, begins to lick your genitals because they love you and respect that since as far back as they can remember you've always kept their kibble bowl full, isn't that the dogs consensual impetus to want to make your genitals explode with joy?

You are a superior life form.

It's your job as a superior lifeforms to dictate right from wrong to an inferior life form too stupid to know no better.

Which is why God wrote the bible for us.

(The real ugly fact of what I said to take away from this, is that I equate marriage to keeping a kibble bowl full.)
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