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Re: Friction at DC

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You don't like Scott Card's views on gay marriage*? Cool. Don't buy it.
Well said. That is the poit of personal choice. I'm not fond of some of the personal political views of those behind SNL, so guess what? I do watch it.

It's situations like this that make liberals seem as totalitarian and repressive as conservatives. Fight words with words. Make your point and make it clear; don't lobby for someone to actually lose their fucking job because you disagree with them.
Whether one was contracted for a one-off project, or something long term, his personal views are not representing the brand, and the low response to this would suggest few really care. However, modern factions of liberalism is so fueled by its own attempt to supress all thought not following theirs, that they cannot see the utter hypocrisy of their actions. One silver lining is that it serves to expose just how "fair minded" this kind of liberal is not, when they would be the first to scream if someone advocated action against them for personal views.
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