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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I don't think the potential ever got off the paper.
Honestly, I think it was there in Parallax. Though I could see that being the entire character drive they envisioned and they were then left thinking "err now what?"

It's certainly not there in Time and Again.

The first disappointing episode of the journey. Another time anomaly episode straight after the other one? Excellent scheduling there. Apart from that, the fact that basically the episode never happens is terrible. I realise that's a argument that could be levelled at the fantastic Year of Hell further down the road, but at least that was dramatic. Time and Again just never seemed to get going.

Kes' superpowers are starting to come into it, which I guess could prove interesting, while I remember how that particular story ends I can't remember the rest of the journey so that's got me intrigued.

Meanwhile, what is quickly becoming a highlight of the whole thing is The Doctor. His journey from evolving from some emergency holo program to a proper character is great, as is the failure of everyone to take him the slightest bit seriously as they still just see him as a tool, not a person. Two episodes on the trot and his concerns are completely ignored. His short scene with Neelix and Kes is the highlight of the episode.

Oh God Neelix. The character brought onboard for his knowledge of the region, yet other than Caretaker, hasn't known a single thing. I realise we're only two episodes in post Pilot, but these early episodes should be highlighting the differences and difficulties that Voyager should be facing, instead it's generic filler.

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