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Re: TNG Caption This! 307: I'm not Evil, I'm Parallel

Worf: Doctor stop it. You're making me angry.
Crusher: Calm down, Worf. This'll just take a second.
Worf: You won't like me when I'm angry...

Ogawa: You can see here where the hypospray was inserted. Death would have been slow and painful for her.
Data: Do you have anything to say for yourself, Lieutenant?
Worf: I warned her she wouldn't like it.
[beat of uncomfortable silence]
Ogawa: So, since no one said anything about it, I take it I can keep the coat.

Worf: [whispering] How could anyone take him seriously as Security Chief? I've left scarier things floating in the Head.
Riker: [whispering] We know, Worf. You send us the holoimages.

Captain Picard: So if I was killed during the Borg attack on Earth, how come Commander Shelby isn't your Exec?
Captain Riker: We had of opinion.
Captain Picard: You boffed her.
Captain Riker: [hangs head] Yes.

Worf: I have seen it, Commander. First we get rid of Picard and you get the command you always wanted.
Riker: What do you mean, 'get rid of'?
Worf: Leave that to me--that is, if you honour my price.
Riker: Fine, I'll promote you to XO.
Worf: And?
Riker: And hook you up with Deanna.
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