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DalekJim wrote: View Post
Absolutely everybody should have the right to express their opinion on anything. The opinion can be challenged, debated and even attacked but the right to say it should never be taken away. I find the idea that some opinions are banned from being expressed publicly to be terrifying. I genuinely can't believe somebody would post this.
Card's right to freedom of speech hasn't been challenged. He still has the right to say and think whatever he wants.

Those objecting to him are also saying what they think: they will not buy a book written by him because of his bigotry, and his activism to prevent others from enjoying equal rights.

Are you saying DC doesn't have the right to NOT publish his book? This is the free market in ACTION. Should the government sweep in and tell a company what they can and cannot do?

Noname Given wrote: View Post
I'm not against Gay marriage myself (what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is their own personal business - and if they want to legalize their relationship, they should be allowed that choice <-- My personal belief); but in a country where we value freedom of speech and expression, I DO find it disturbing that we make such a big deal publicly and in effect persecute someone professionally for his private beliefs. Unless the editor or an artist sees something inappropriate in the story itself he's asked to work on - why should the personal beliefs of a co-worker matter in a professional situation?
If it was JUST his private beliefs, I might agree with you. It's his activism that is insulting. He serves on a board that is ACTIVELY trying to stop a whole swath of the American population from getting equal rights.

People are exercising THEIR freedom of speech (and voting with their wallets) and a COMPANY is deciding what to do.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
[You've got it backwards. I am the one who says they have the right to hire someone with an unattractive past. That shouldn't matter to the Public, unless that person does wrong in that job. If DC choose to hire someone to write a comic book, that Gay people and Supporters of Gay Rights will refuse to buy based upon their opinion of the Author, that is DC's choice. If DC allows him to use the Comic Book as a platform for those views, then it becomes my business to protest and makes demands.
But, what you are also saying once a company finds out about a person's "sickening" political beliefs, or discover that those beliefs are hostile to the very market they are selling to, they can't DUMP the guy? Are they locked into using someone that might damage how many issues they could sell?

That doesn't seem right.

Imagine, 50 years ago, someone speaking up for Gay Rights, would be just as hated/spurned as someone today is speaking against Gay Rights. 50 Years ago, being Gay was seen as a Mental disorder. Should Public prevent that Advocate from getting a job? There is no difference, exxcpt for what Socity feels today is the "Wrong position"
Yep. So? I'm sorry if I don't feel bad for the bigot. Now, do I want to see him get locked up? No. Of course not. Would I hire him? No. Would I buy a book that he's written? No. Would I tell the publisher WHY I don't want to buy his book? Yes. Let the Free Market sort it out.

Why is Card's Freedom of Speech MORE valuable than mine?
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