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Re: Traffic Violations & Court Appearance

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That works too.

Perhaps this video puts it best....

At first I was wondering what kind of fools were the police and firefighters in that video to park the vehicles on the tracks. Then they said it was in Detroit and it all made sense.
Ugh. All the more reason why train tracks should never be at grade crossings. In addition to the potential for accidents, they also are a menace to just general flow of traffic.

There is a train track on my way to work, and without fail every morning there is a freight train that will come to a complete STOP in the crossing in order to allow an Amtrak train to pass on the adjacent set of tracks. Every day. Depending on what time I leave for work in the morning, I will either just beat this train or miss the train, or get stuck waiting for it to start up from a dead stop to full speed pulling 150+ railcars.
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