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Sorry but writing Superman isn't a constitutionally guaranteed right.
And absolutely no one is saying it is.

No one is saying it's Orson Scott Card's absolute right to do this and that anyone speaking against it is somehow breaking the First Amendment. The people who made the petition and the people who signed is absolutely had the right to do both of those things and I wouldn't dare say that neither should have been restricted from doing so.

What I said, in my initial post, was that I think it's sickening. I also think Scott Card's views on gay people are sickening (honestly, I find it the most baffling thing in the world why anyone would care about someone else's private sex life, which equally goes for people obsess over what celebrity is sleeping with what celebrity), but I find petitioning for a man's work not to be released to the public so no one can read it just because they don't want to sickening in a different way. It's the arrogance of saying, "Since I disagree with his views, you shouldn't be able to buy it either." They have every right to express that opinion, but I'm not arguing that they shouldn't have the right; I'm arguing that expressing that view is self-centered, conceited and insulting.
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