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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

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Jeyl's just parroting the current campaign of complaint being carried on by a couple of prudes at Trekmovie.

Now though, aren't the Trek folks just doing Skyfall?
Yeah, though I generally don't post over at Trekmovie anymore
(It's much more fun to chuckle at the apparently high level of retardation that has bloomed there since the good ole days)
Even I was shocked at the puritanical prudes who didn't want an homage to Kirk being unmistakably Shatnerian Kirk in banging broads.
Kirk banged broads, more chicks than Bond, get over it. It's part of his charm
Exactly. For some reason, there is this theory that's sprung up, probably out of the worship at the altar of Shatner, that it was Saint James T. Kirk who commanded the Enterprise. You know, the one who went to court the girl with the parents' permission and sat on the porch with the light on and sip lemonade.

I once related some of what folks over there would say in the way of criticizing Pine's Kirk to my wife, who casually watches Trek, and even she said, "Um, have those people even WATCHED Star Trek?"
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