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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

This almost seems to point to a possibility of a cross-over.

Now Leia lost her home planet, and so did Quinto's Spock. Carrie may even resemble Amanda a bit.

I could see Quinto's Spock having trouble with emotions with Carrie winking at the audience saying something along the lines of "I know all about that."

Clearly the days of the metal bikini are gone. Good. I like Carrie better as herself anyway. In order to keep the movie in a serious note, I might make Carrie's own background part of Leia's. She and Han aren't speaking after the loss of Jacen, we will say.

They fight a lot of course.

We stumble on a drunk Han trying to clean that blaster. "It's in pieces...I can't get it back together."

The new characters then find Leia on Coruscant. Now, if you remember, in her darker days Carrie had dreams of futuristic cities as part of her condition--so you work with that--and have her talk with some CGI guys to do the section of Coruscant just outside the area on the planet that is actually not covered by the world-smothering city...

It is the closest thing to Alderan, after all. Like Boothby, I can see her as a gardener there, trying--failing--to make something grow. Quinto's Spock thinks her Amanda for a moment, and they converse. Quinto beams up. The Falcon lands in this open zone and Han gets off the ramp, and goes to Leia.

He gives the keys, as it were, to the new kids in JJs movie, post EU, and off they go.

They are allowed to build a small hovel there, surrounded by mile tall buildings. It all looks quaint.

We see Luke, who like Hamil, is a little heavy. He no longer can use the force, due to some sacrifice or other, and wants to visit old friends. This area of Coruscant is like a labyrinth.

At the pink corner of Ul Qoma and Besźel, or was it at the triple junction of Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, or at the square of Globus Cassus? I forget, but Luke bumps into a furtive veiled man--Hakim Dengar? Or was it Funes? At any rate, he was wearing Han's blaster!

Luke fails to run after him, instead drawn by smoke from the hovel.

No...not again.

And there Han and Leia burning skeletons.

You see, there are worse things than having JJ directing Star Wars.

It could have been Borges:
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