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Weird that some are defending Card's right to free expression yet are against private citizens getting together as a group to do the same thing...
I personally am not against that, I am against "demanding he be fired" for his views, before he has "contanimated" his work with those views.
So you are against corporations being able to act in their own best interests in the free market? They can't adjust behaviour based on the agency of actors (in this case possible consumers) within the market?
You've got it backwards. I am the one who says they have the right to hire someone with an unattractive past. That shouldn't matter to the Public, unless that person does wrong in that job. If DC choose to hire someone to write a comic book, that Gay people and Supporters of Gay Rights will refuse to buy based upon their opinion of the Author, that is DC's choice. If DC allows him to use the Comic Book as a platform for those views, then it becomes my business to protest and makes demands.

Imagine, 50 years ago, someone speaking up for Gay Rights, would be just as hated/spurned as someone today is speaking against Gay Rights. 50 Years ago, being Gay was seen as a Mental disorder. Should Public prevent that Advocate from getting a job? There is no difference, exxcpt for what Socity feels today is the "Wrong position"
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