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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - February 2013

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It's not very clear from these photos was was actually left of this thing when it was first acquired. It looks like there was nothing more than a metal frame and no interior or shell. Are there any good photos documenting what actually existed before the new pieces started getting fabricated? Post-restoration you're going to want to know what's still original and what's not. If there's nothing left of the shell after restoration, it's really not much of a restoration anymore. It's a recreation over a metal framework that could just as well have been built from scratch also.
Do you know that many of the "restored" aircraft in museums around the world contain very few parts of the original? This is an amazing effort. The fact that the "masonite" skin was left outside for 30 years and needed to be replaced is not a big deal. The structure which is the frame is completely intact and putting the new wood on the existing frame should give an exact match to the original. I am so tired of hearing that since the decayed press board was not saved (it could NOT be used) that this is more of a rebuild; it is not. This is better than any fan could hope for given the condition of the Galileo. Also, fans should be appreciate this even more since just 2 years ago the Galileo was thought destroyed.

Thank you for the update and great photos . . . looking forward to more!!


P.S. I think the colors look great!
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