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Re: Federation is inhumanly benevolent

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... the Federation portrayed as a very powerful and respected intergalactic government ...
A few things here, a small thing first, but you might have meant "interstellar." Also, as depicted on the show the Federation actually doesn't seem to be very well respected by others in the interstellar community, I mean not in general.

If the Federation and Starfleet are largely or exclusively comprised of non-augmented human beings
Starfleet debateably a maybe, however the Federation is made up of a mostly non-Humans (as point out previously) and Human are a likely a minority of less than one percent of the Federation's population. viable is the gracious benevolence of such an organization?
The Federation's policies concerning "benevolence" is likely a variable that changes through the years as new Member are incorporated into the whole and the composition of the Federation Council itself changes over time. The policies in place during Kirk's era would be distant history by the time of people like Sisko and Janeway.

I'm not taking about people being nice, i'm talking about a massive intergalactic ruling organization being implausibly well-intentioned.
The Federation isn't exactly a total push over, they're shown multiple time fighting others for territory they desire to hold or expand into. They have little respect for other species established territories, unless the other species can defend it.

At the same time (or perhaps different times) there is a directive to largely leave "primitive" people alone. It would seem obvious that this directive is subject to modification, but it is there. The people of the Federation made a collective decision to have this directive.

So, reasonably well-intentioned, not implausibly well-intentioned.

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Now if they just drafted rather than electing officials, they could have hit the trifecta.
Drafting has the exact same difficulty as electing. Draft the right person for the right job and all is grand, draft the wrong person and the effect is the same as electing the wrong person.

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"i can believe in Dick Van Dyke solving murder cases, but him being a doctor is just too unbelievable"
And he was realistically nailing Mary Tyler Moore on a regular basis when she was 25, I mean come on!!!

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