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Do the Borg do research ?

We're always told the Borg don't create new knowledge and technology, that they just take it from assimilated races, and this is stated repeatedly on screen. It's even the core assumption underlying the tactic in 'scorpion': the borg don't invent new stuff, so we're absolutely sure they need us and our modified nanoprobes - they can't come up with this themselves-, hence we can force their hand.

But is this actually true ? I began to wonder when I thought about 'the omega directive', where 7 says that the Borg managed to stabilize an Omega molecule for a trillionth of a nanosecond (or something to that effect), as that would imply some research , or at the very least, experimentation. Or in 'dark frontier', where they come up with an 'assimilation virus' (which needs no new technology I think , but it is a novel approach most probably. In 'Endgame', admiral Janeway brings new technology to which the borg have no defense at that time, and after the first confrontation, the admiral says that
' the Queen is studying her scans of our armor and weapons--and she's probably got the entire Collective working on a way to counter them!'. I think it would be very unlikely the Borg would need a lot of time to come up with a solution utilizing technology they already have - although the possibility remains that all they have to do is simply to construct some device that takes a lot of work and they don't carry around in a standard cube's inventory -- or such.

So, what do you think ? Do the Borg do any kind of research ?

(note: although this post contains almost only VOY references, I still think the topic is more general than that, so I placed it here; it's just that most of the material on the Borg is found in VOY)
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