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Where would they be sent? I'm assuming no instant human kits would be sent at random, which brings about the possibility that a generational shipload of human babies are created in a hostile environment, possibly as the new lab experiments for schoolkids on the destination planet.
Well there may be a pre-set search pattern, parameters and so on, but I'm also betting there will be a strong element of AI, especially if it occurs in the next 30-40 years. I'm not quite sure we'll be ready for galaxy travel in any form till after 2050.

Unfortunately while it is a better way to travel, a seed ship is probably more likely to fail than succeed, so it'll be important to really explore thoroughly with non-seed probes ahead of time. The von neumann probes of all types will have a high failure rate which is why it's important that they will be launched and replicate in large numbers. Ethically I can deal with copies of humans, especially ones that don't have their brains uploaded dying, better than a crew on a traditional ship in some sort of hyper sleep or generational starship.
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