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Probably not.

More efficient than WHAT? You're not going to conduct a manned Mars mission by shipping a bunch of frozen embryos and cloning the crew on arrival. There are NO circumstances where that scenario is in any way more efficient than simply loading up a trained crew and flying them there.
For interplanetary missions that might be the case for awhile, but, efficiency is a huge selling point of the EIS starship/probes.
LOL no it isn't.

Aside from cost factor
There is nothing aside from the cost factor. There's no return on investment, therefore there's no incentive to invest anything. The only interstellar probes that are feasible at this point are very small ones that have at least one other secondary purpose, like the Voyager probes that return useful data on a target of interest before being catapulted out of the solar system towards the stars.

It's hilarious, even the title of the video was called cheap exploration.

Facts are facts, when you don't require space, food and fuel for humans, the trip becomes easier, cheaper and faster. Arguing otherwise seems ludicrous.

When you amplify it out to galaxy exploration, the benefits become clear. I don't believe there is a single scientist who'd agree with your position. I'll still say it's almost inevitable this is the way to explore the galaxy. Unless we discover shortcuts through space or warp drives, the default most efficient method will be the one used.

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