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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

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There is only one thing I don't like


So, really, other than all that, it's exactly the same because it's a chase scene involving some humorous dialogue, which has never been done before except in Star Wars and Star Trek.

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So basically he's now the comedy routine. Along with Scotty.
Sure, if you want to baselessly extrapolate McCoy's entire role in a two-hour film based on the four-minute vignette I very briefly outlined above and the single word I used to describe his dialogue in that part, I guess you could say that. But that would be rather ridiculous, and not what I was suggesting with my comment at all.
How do you know I didn't mean that he's a comedy routine in the first 38 mins?
Because you would have specified that if that's what you meant, and because your comment makes it sound as if that the only role he's relegated to play in the film.
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