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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

(Before you guys get the double special review of the last two episodes of Season 1, hereís a single-episode review of the lead-in to those final episodes)

1x06 ďCooperís DreamsĒ

Like last episode, ďCooper DreamsĒ is a decent episode that leaves me a bit disappointed. Through the most of it, it felt like the show was spinning its wheels, continuing to set things up and build up to events that havenít yet reach to a place of fruition. But there was some payoff to one of the showís subplots and Iíll get to that later.

I find the nuisance of the Icelandic guests disrupting Cooperís mood hilarious and relatable. How many of us have been tormented by noisy neighbors? He was back in his chipper mood after some coffee and donut only to be put back out of it near the end of the episode by that same nuisance. At least, he has something else to distract from it: a naked Audrey in his bed.

Audrey. Audrey. Audrey. You continue to be quite the multi-layered enigma. You can be ruthlessly determined to get what you want (a quality you obviously gained from your father) which became clear in the scene with the head of the Horne store. You sometimes come off as an impish troublemaker with your twisted sense of humor. But there are moments of humanity in you, three of which I have counted in this episode. The first is the temporary look of displeasure on you when you saw your father getting inmate with another woman. You laugh afterwards; perhaps to push down the hurt you felt about that and telling yourself that was typical Dad. The second moment of humanity is when you saw Leland falling apart in the house party. Unlike your father, you didnít treat Lelandís pain as a troublesome inconvenience. You cried for him which is the perhaps first time I saw you cry. And the third moment of humanity is the look of desperation on you face when you were found in Cooperís bed. You didnít want to be alone or rejected by Cooper. You want to be loved and Iím thinking Cooper is the type of man you wish your father was more like. Heroic, good-hearted, and doesnít use people. But what Cooper thinks of you is a mystery. I canít tell if Cooper is genuinely attracted to you or just indulging you. Weíll see soon in the beginning of next episode.

I canít believe Ben has a wood carve of his first name on his own desk. Self-absolved much? And why is he so uncomfortable dealing with Leland? I would think having a daughter himself, Ben would be more sympathetic to Lelandís loss of Laura.

The confirmation of Renaultís blood on Leoís shirt removes Leo as a suspect in Lauraís murder and so does what the Log Ladyís log saw the night of Lauraís murder. Cooper thinks the two girls in the logís vision are Laura and Rennet (the girl recovering in the hospital after suffering the same injuries as Laura) and Sheriff Truman thinks the two men are Renault and maybe Leo. The third man, the one passing by afterwards, must be the murderer.

Another layer of Cooperís vision in 1x02 is revealed when the red curtains in that dream are the same type of curtains used in a cabin where Laura posed for a magazine to attract older men. Thereís a patch of blood in the cabin. Could that blood may be Renaultís blood? He was bleeding enough to get some of his blood on Leoís shirt. He must have been wounded at that time. But by what or who? The cabin also gave Cooper another clue in the investigation: a One-Eyed Jack chip. Hopefully, Cooper will stop by there in the next episode.

Jamesís reveal about his mother has me thinking that his feelings for Laura may have been fueled by a need to fill in the void created by his motherís troubles. That need seem to be flaring up again during Jamesís interactions with Madeline despite how things are going with Donna. Donna sees Jamesís eagerness to please Madeline and seems a bit fearful of it. I think sheís afraid heíll fall for Madeline because of how she looks like Laura. Well, Donna, you may be right on the money about that based on the enthralled looks James gives Madeline. So Madelineís involvement in James and Donnaís personal investigation of Lauraís murder is going to make things interesting. She already found an important clue in the form of a tape found in Lauraís hiding place. What could be the tape be a recording of? A confession? A secret meeting? Blackmail?

Dr. Jacobyís session with Bobby was quite revealing. For a moment, the sad boy that lies underneath his tough guy exterior is exposed. What Bobby said about Laura was quite an insight into the depth of Lauraís self-loathing and personal turmoil. Stuff like that doesnít come out of nowhere. Something terrible must have happened to her to twist her up so much inside. I also think Laura made Bobby felt like he couldnít do much good in his life and might as well accept it instead fight the cruel inevitable. She even made him sell drugs so she could have them. It sounds the two of them had a toxic relationship despite appearances. Shelley, on the other hand, seems to be the light against Lauraís darkness. She isnít pure like a fairy tale princess and she makes Bobby feel like he can be more than what Laura made him felt like. I now see why Shelley isnít some fling to Bobby.

Normaís ex-husband Hank continues to be his creepy self. I think heís just full of shit and standing in the way of Norma and Hank having the life they dreamed of having together. Him and Hankís sense of obligation with Nadine. I was surprised that it turns out Hank is Leoís boss when I thought all this time Leo worked for himself. I did enjoy someone beating the crap out of Leo instead of the other way around and that isnít the last of Leoís karmic punishment which brings us to the payoff I spoken of in the beginning. The tension between Leo and Shelley finally comes to a head. Earlier, the way Shelley was looking at Norma and Hank was like she was thinking to herself that if she doesnít get rid of Leo, that she might be end up like Norma-still tied to a man she doesnít love and refuses to leave her life completely. So Shelley decides to change that future by shooting Leo. Unfortunately, Leo isnít dead. But at least heís wounded and it sounds painful

Random observations and thoughts:

Madeline had a feeling Laura was in trouble the day before she died. Could she have a psychic gift similar to Lauraís motherís?

Catherine is jealous of Ben sleeping with other women? I thought their relationship was purely sexual. Maybe Ben pursuing other women threatens Catherineís ego. She tends to carry herself as a woman with balls and the top dog in her relationship with Pete.

The roughneck in Twin Peaksí show-within-show Invitation to Love reminds me of Leo. Was that on purpose?

I wondered if the Devil the Log Ladyís husband met may have been the mysterious Bob, and if the log the Log Lady cherishes was made by her husband and so she holds onto it, partially as something to remember him by. Or, and this is a troubling thought, what if the Devil aka Bob turned the Log Ladyís husband into a log as some kind of twisted joke and that is why she brings it with her all the time?

Lelandís meltdown at the hotel party seems to have been triggered by music. Come to think of it, music was also the trigger for the meltdown Leland had in the dance back at the bar. Connection?

Josieís working with Ben? Are they sleeping together? Is Josie cheating on Truman? Ben told her where to find the accurate financial records of the mill Catherine was hiding from her and Pete. Why would Ben need them? To blackmail Catherine?
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