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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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Kinda makes you wonder why 'Old Ben' didn't just bounce off a wall, flip over Vader's head, take the decrepit brat out, pick off a few Troopers, force slam the blast door and warm up the Falcon.
I argued this point way back at the beginning of this thread, because I agree that the fight was a little toooo anticlimactic.

I once saw a youtube video though which was a remix of the fight. The author took the scenes AS IS from the film, sped them up a little bit, duplicated a few of them so as to add more frames, but kept all the dialogue. It looked fantastic, and it was probably some nerd in his parent's basement. It showed the two old men fighting, but with flashes of brilliance that experienced Jedi should have had. I'll try and see if I can find it again.
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