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Gotham Central wrote:
You seem to have this dubious belief that opinions ought to be consequence free. That is utter nonsense.
Chilling. Absolutely chilling.

I suppose they should be government regulated?

Actually, you most certainly can and should prevent someone from working if they hold socially abhorent views. As long as the government is not rounding them up and throwing them in jail, its all good. Employers have every right to decide what ideas they will and will not want to be associated with. The company I work for (and indeed many companies now) have social media polices that regulate what their employees can say and don online.
And I disagree with that policy completely, I think it's deeply scary. My friend works a meaningless, dead-end job at Tesco and is prohibited from expressing certain views online, which I find hysterical. It's something that 30 years ago would have been written in a dystopian novel and people would have laughed it off as absurd. Corporations controlling what people can say or believe? That'll never happen!

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