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Boycott (as I would), tells others to Boycott, but, you can't call for him to be fired for a "thought crime".
In Nineteen Eighty-Four, thoughtcrime is, by definition, a private thought. Card has joined a public political group expressing his opinions. Irrelevant term is irrelevant.
So, you think McCarthyism was Good?

Are you in favor of Gay Men beng banned from being Preachers or Scoutmasters or Coaches/Teachers because you think they'll molest little boys?

When he puts his Anti-Gay opinions forward, that is the time to go after him. You can't try to prevent a man from working, just because you disagree with his views. That is every bit as prejudiced as the things I listed above or not hiring a young black guy, because you believe "All young black guys are thugs"

@DalekJim, Marriage ensures you are able to be with your Partner/Spouse when they are in the hospital, it ensures you are able to inherit or leave stuff to your spouse/Partner. There are many, many cases when Gay Partners were deprived of spending the last few minutes of the dying Partner's life, because of Gay Prejudice. There are lots of stories of a Gay partner's life being ruined, because their partner died and the State took possesion of their things (What a horrible thing to hapen to anyone, let alone someone who just lost the love of their life to death). Marriage allows you to carry your spouseon your Medical Insurance. These aren't "extra Rights" as you put it, these are basic rights that should be granted to anyone in a loving committed relationship who are building a life together
Actually, you most certainly can and should prevent someone from working if they hold socially abhorent views. As long as the government is not rounding them up and throwing them in jail, its all good. Employers have every right to decide what ideas they will and will not want to be associated with. The company I work for (and indeed many companies now) have social media polices that regulate what their employees can say and don online. Messages expressed in a public forum by the employee of any organization, even during their free time, can reflect on that business. Many businesses will terminate you for speech done on personal time that it finds objectionable.
Well maybe I'm the faggot America.
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