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Boycott (as I would), tells others to Boycott, but, you can't call for him to be fired for a "thought crime".
In Nineteen Eighty-Four, thoughtcrime is, by definition, a private thought. Card has joined a public political group expressing his opinions. Irrelevant term is irrelevant.

Absolutely everybody should have the right to express their opinion on anything. The opinion can be challenged, debated and even attacked but the right to say it should never be taken away. I find the idea that some opinions are banned from being expressed publicly to be terrifying. I genuinely can't believe somebody would post this.

Gaith wrote:
Then, no offense, you are objectively ignorant. Spouses get hospital visitation rights, parental custody rights... in the military, married members of all ranks get funds to live with their spouses greater than the housing allowances of single persons, and many lower-ranking single persons get no such funds at all. For a junior enlisted member, a marriage certificate can mean the difference between living in a cramped barracks with an assigned roommate who loathes you and living with your partner who loves you.
Well, I disagree that people being in a relationship should get more rights than single people. I find it bafflingly unfair.

Your disinterest in marriage doesn't bother me in the slightest, but your blithe attitude towards the views of others is insulting, and has the practical effect of condoning prejudice.
My attitude is far fairer than yours. I believe absolutely everybody is entitled to their views and if they in no way affect the job in question, then they shouldn't be removed from it. You can't support equal rights for everybody while demanding those you don't agree with be made unemployed. It is absolute hypocrisy.

Our society is way too precious now and people seem to feel like they absolutely deserve not to be offended. Which is total bullshit. You will be offended every single day by something, and trying to infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others in order to make you feel a little better is monstrous.

You seem to have this dubious belief that opinions ought to be consequence free. That is utter nonsense.

Free speech just means that the government is not going to round you up and throw you in jail for your beliefs. However, having abhorent beliefs and EXPRESSING THEM PUBLICALLY can and should impact your ability to gain employment and make a living. That is called a consequence.

Here's a thought experiment...if Orson Scott Card was a known racist and an active member of a white supremacist group, would you fault Warner Brothers/DC for terminating his contract upon discovery of his activities. Would you fault ANY employer for doing so? Suppose he expoused anti-semetic sentiments publically...would he still be employed?

The critical point here is not just that OSC holds personal veiws...Its that he is a PUBLIC FIGURE who has gone out of his way to not only express those views but advocte for them and participate in groups that even the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a hate group. DC/Warner Brothers is a media conglomerate whos financial success is directly impacted by its public image. By hiring Card even after his public coments they are implicitly endorsing his position, or at least saying that they are not so abhorent that they would not want to be associated with him. In that sense DC/WB needs to own up to their willingness to associate with those ideas.

The public, conversely, has the right and indeed the obligation to reject ideas/sentiments that they find problematic. OSC might just start rethinking his position if he finds that he has been publically shunned for his attitudes. Indeed, shunning and shaming is exactly what societies used to do in order to express displeasure with some ideas.

OSC should be, and is free to say and believe what he wants. However he should never believe that doing so comes cost free.
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