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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

My post to the whiners on Trekmovie:

260. RAMA - March 8, 2013 I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading…when did Trek fans become so prudish??? How many women did Kirk have implied sex with or relations with in TOS?? Quite a few. I see nothing wrong with a single adult man or woman (no double standard here) having consensual sex as the please (within reason of course right WIlt?). The only reason that it may appear that Kirk had less sex in TOS was the fact that they skirted around network sensors and showed things like putting their boots back on, and because they didn’t have a budget to use makeup on the aliens he had sex with, which he certainly DID do…different ecosystems, different DNA notwithstanding. So give it a rest you crybabies.

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Threesomes are disrespectful towards women?
No. Star Trek is. Show me a female character in this movie who won't be romantically involved or depicted as a sex object and I'll give it a pass. I can name a lot of male characters from the last movie who aren't depicted as sex objects and don't have any intimate relationships with any other character.
So, romantic involvement & intimate relationships are disrespectful towards women?

That's what I thought too. By using that logic it's disrespectful towards Vulcans to be in a relationship with a female because Spock is the only Vulcan in the crew.

Also by the logic on the Trekmovie thread it is disrespectful towards men if they are in a threesome as well.

I think it's kind of inhernet in TOS that the cast is mostly male, and it was an element that didnt change, but the women get more screen time now.
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