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Re: Traffic Violations & Court Appearance

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If its a moving violation and you're worried about points on your license/increased insurance then when you go in on the date on the ticket ask to "amend" the ticket. It'll double the fine but makes the ticket, basically, a parking ticket meaning no points go on your license and it doesn't count against you for insurance purposes.
We don't have this option in California. If we have the option for traffic school, it's an additional fee + the class (can be online) + cost of the class. Traffic school avoids the points and insurance hit (doesn't show up on your record) but you can only do it once every 18 months.
I don't even know if they have a traffic school option in my state after the age of 18. Between 16-18, you get a "grace period" where they just assume you're a dumb kid and can go to traffic school to get the infraction removed from your record. Once you're an adult, though, I'm pretty sure you're fucked.

I went to traffic school after my first ticket when I was 16. It as an 8-hour class on a Saturday. Fucking terrible.
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