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Funny how right-wingers forget to gush about the viciousness of the free market when it's a social discriminator's turn to smell the exhaust.
Funny how I'm not a right-winger.

I'm right on some issues, left on others.

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Then, no offense, you are objectively ignorant. Spouses get hospital visitation rights, parental custody rights... in the military, married members of all ranks get funds to live with their spouses greater than the housing allowances of single persons, and many lower-ranking single persons get no such funds at all. For a junior enlisted member, a marriage certificate can mean the difference between living in a cramped barracks with an assigned roommate who loathes you and living with your partner who loves you.
All of which I think are wrong. A person shouldn't be given extra benefits because they made the social decision to be romantic with someone and put a made-up label on them.
I am the one who guided you this far.
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