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Sindatur wrote: View Post
Boycott (as I would), tells others to Boycott, but, you can't call for him to be fired for a "thought crime".
In Nineteen Eighty-Four, thoughtcrime is, by definition, a private thought. Card has joined a public political group expressing his opinions. Irrelevant term is irrelevant.

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It is absolutely impossible to live your life trying not to fund anybody who's opinion you do not agree with (And I find it comical liberals find this to be in any way rational behaviour!). You'd have to stop paying taxes and probably stop buying absolutely anything.
There's nothing irrational about it. When people start valuing their wallets over their prejudice, social change occurs. Actions like protesting Card's employment contribute in tangible and real ways to gay partners getting access to pensions and health care.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I don't get why anybody would marry, whether gay or straight.
Then, no offense, you are objectively ignorant. Spouses get hospital visitation rights, parental custody rights... in the military, married members of all ranks get funds to live with their spouses greater than the housing allowances of single persons, and many lower-ranking single persons get no such funds at all. For a junior enlisted member, a marriage certificate can mean the difference between living in a cramped barracks with an assigned roommate who loathes you and living with your partner who loves you.

Your disinterest in marriage doesn't bother me in the slightest, but your blithe attitude towards the views of others is insulting, and has the practical effect of condoning prejudice.
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