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Re: Friction at DC

This is a tricky situation. I'm straight, but I support rights for gay people. I would probably respond by just not buying his work (not that I was planning to purchase this superman story he was doing anyway). As long as he isn't writing anti-gay stuff in his work, he shouldn't be fired. Its fine to boycott his work (and I'll definately stay away from his work from now on after learning this, not that I've read too much of his stuff, I've read Ultimate Iron Man and thought it was not horrible but that good and i've never paid attention to him outside that book and knew nothing about him personally until reading this story and looking on wikipedia) but it is America, he has the right to his opinion, even if a lot of people (myself included) think its a horrible opinion. That said, if I was dC I'd just not hire him to begin with, if for no other reason then he's just going to cause them problems.
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