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But to actively campaign for the man to lose his job because you disagree with him??
You misunderstand the situation. Card would not "lose his job," because he's not an employee of DC nor is he the regular author on the Superman comic series in question. The series is an anthology, and Card was a guest author who wrote a single story for it.

Also, assuming that comics writing contracts work the same as the prose contracts I get as a tie-in writer, then Card would have already been paid for writing the story. Once the story is written, turned in, and paid for, the publisher is free to do whatever they want with it, including choosing not to run it. After all, Superman belongs to DC, therefore any Superman story written for DC is their property, not the author's, and they get to decide what to do with it. That happened to me and several of my colleagues a few years ago when Pocket Books decided not to publish the novels we'd written as sequels to the 2009 Star Trek movie. The books never saw print, but we didn't have to return the money we'd been paid for writing them, because we'd fulfilled our contractual obligation.
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