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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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Although my big question is - with all the suits he built between Avengers and Iron Man 3 - do you think he used other workers to help? I mean, he's got a weapons manufacturing plant at his disposal and since the first Iron Man movie - I'm sure that production is not where it was before he became Iron Man - so I'm sure there are plenty of workers who are skilled enough and background checked enough and loyal enough to help Stark build parts and elements for his suits.

A few suits built in his home fabricator - okay. I can buy that. If I had a robot controlled CnC machine and a JARVIS system, sure okay. But I seriously doubt that he could have built every single one of those suits by himself in his lab and still have time to keep Pepper happy and gallavant around as a super hero every so often.

He could have started building between Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2

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