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The original plan for Countdown

Podcast here:
Good stuff starts at about 47 mins.

According to Al Rivera (lead designer on Star Trek Online), in an early script for Countdown, Worf, Riker and Picard all died and Earth itself was destroyed. I imagine this would have reflected a far more apocalyptic version of future events in Star Trek.

Cryptic complained that this would ruin their plans for the Star Trek Online videogame, and the destruction was significantly scaled back.

Before that the guy also talks about the Trek novels, speculating that CBS may not even read them or care what happens in them, because he can't believe the changes that have been allowed in their version of the Trekverse. It seems STO is kept on a tighter leash by TPTB.

Thanks to brian577 for linking to this in the XI+ forum. I thought it might be of interest to people here, too.
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