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Re: Mirror universe, Day to day and Civilian life

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The MU always struck me as more piratical than totalitarian in the sense we're used to, the notion of some government with total control over people. In TOS especially, the structure seemed a lot looser and more chaotic, with people being encouraged to commit murder in order to advance.

Really, it doesn't seem like a society that could exist on an ongoing basis, but assuming it could, it's more like libertarianism or anarchy run amok than fascism or communism. Or even the ultimate in laissez-faire capitalism, with the entrepreneurial spirit encouraged to a murderous degree.

In other words, if Americans invented a totalitarian system, it would be the MU.
That's pretty much how I saw it, and it made the Empire more interesting, original, and flamboyant than your run-of-the-mill fictional dictatorship. Compare with much more stereotypical (and duller) tyranny of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
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