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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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TWOK is really the first part of a trilogy. Taken as a whole, the TWOK/TSFS/TVH trilogy is bolder, grander, more dramatic, and ultimately more satisfying than most individual episodes of TOS.
I uh, strongly disagree. The Voyage Home is OK I guess but it isn't a patch on episodes like The Tholian Web, The Cage, This Side of Paradise or Balance of Terror. I love Wrath of Khan but the following 2 movies are nothing special. I'd much rather watch The Motion Picture of Undiscovered Country, which resemble Star Trek a lot more.

It's a mess of a movie but I'm oddly fond of Insurrection. It tried to tell an actual science-fiction story unlike the following 2 knuckle-brained films.
That's, uh, why I was speaking of the trilogy as a whole. And I'm afraid you clipped out the rest of my context, where I mentioned what parts of the other two films especially contribute to the grand story arc and where I acknowledged how the other two after TWOK don't really stand by themselves.


On the subject of going down with the ship, at least Kirk's father got to do that in nuTrek.
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