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According to, the full Theatrical Trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness" will be attached to G.I. Joe on March 29, will clock in around 2:20 and will contain significantly new footage.

There is also an alternate trailer coming out this weekend with "Oz The Great and Powerful."

Read all about it here:
GI Joe and Oz the Great?! Ugh.

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Or compare Khan to Nero as villains...
Both were played by scene chewers and had no real reason to be mad at the people they were mad at.

Really, Khan's reason for wanting revenge was Kirk didn't babysit him.

They're both entertaining movies made thirty years apart with differences in audience expectations and technology.
Actually, Khan was mad at Kirk for killing -- however indirectly -- his wife. I'd say that is a good enough reason to hold a grudge for ten+ years.

Nero was just.... deluded and mad. And a bad actor to boot.

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Obviously it's not a patch on Orson Welles' films such as Chimes at Midnight, Othello, Lady From Shanghai, Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil or F For Fake but it's still a very good adventure movie.

Wrath of Khan is a smart action film. It isn't loud or obnoxious and has just enough depth to get you hooked in to the story. Nicholas Meyer really understood how to make a great blockbuster with both his Star Trek films.
Please don't compare STII to STVI.

Just remember, STVI gave us Uhura trying to speak Klingonese with help from a dictionary. I think Meyer's Trek prowess is vastly overestimated by fans with TUC.

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