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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Audiences have certain expectations when they go to movies that are science-fiction or space opera. They want fast paced films with lots of explosions, it simply is what it is.
And I don't share your taste in movies at all, thankfully. I'd also say that the great box office success of movies like Inception, Prometheus and Looper shows that audiences will also like more ideas driven sci-fi/fantasy movies instead of Transformers or Abrams Trek level of cookie cutter runarounds.

Dumb people are the majority and I understand from a financial perspective why big expensive movies should be aimed at them but I shouldn't really be happy about it. I loved The Hobbit and saw it 5 times in the cinema over Christmas. Big budget blockbusters don't have to resemble what Orci and Kurtzman write. Audiences for a while were so defeated that they just ate it up but people like Christopher Nolan have tried to elevate the blockbuster action movie in to something slightly more cerebral. I'd like Star Trek to follow suit.

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Wait so you're saying Abrams DIDN'T break into your house and beat you with a pipe and loud music till you broke down and saw his film?
These types of replies are so formulaic and empty. Reminds me of on Star Wars forums how people would reply to anybody that didn't gush about The Phantom Menace with posts like "Did George Lucas rape your childhood or something!?. It's not even a valid point and offers nothing to the discussion.
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