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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Yeah really! I mean geez wasn't Franklin supposed to be Kitty's boyfriend in Days of Future Past? Talk about really robbing the cradle then huh? Who would have thought that a character that was born in what? the 70s? Would STILL be a little kid even in the 21st Century?

Val I have less a problem with her being young -since she really only came into the comic in the 00's. But the fact that Franklin is still only maybe a couple years older than Val Richards is starting to push crediblity.

It's like some characters are allowed to grow and age and mature and others aren't. Even Johnny Storm, who is supposed to be pretty close to Spider-Man's age is usually either written as being far younger or slightly older- now that they had the time skip with his time in the Negative Zone I suppose he IS older now - but still acts like a kid.

Seems like Sue is really the only one that's actually grown up some - since even other super heroines sort of see as the 'mom' and other super heroes as the MILF...

It does always sort of bother me how 'young' characters are never really allowed to age and mature - at this point, we really could have, and should have been reading about Spider-Man's son and/or daughter. I think that's why I used to enjoy Spider-Girl so much, it let Peter finally grow up and put the focus on the next generation. While I wasn't completely happy with the 'next gen' of some heroes - looking at you J2 with your stupid Kurt Cobain like shirt tied around your waist.

Buuuuut - I do hope that when Doc Ock gets Pete his doctorate, that sticks for a while. I truly truly hope that Peter sort of takes some of his Superior business as a lesson like "well I didn't 'waste' my life, but... y'know this wasn't the worst thing to happen after all." And uses the second chance he's given to continue what Otto started with his life. Heck, I could even see Peter maybe starting up his own little think tank thing - I mean he's already a part of the Future Foundation sorta kinda - I'd love to actually see him pushed past that 'former teen hero' thing and maybe start training others. Maybe even and this is something I've kind of thought about since the old Civil War thing - basically in some ways he becomes the mentor and 'New Tinkerer' to the next generation of super heroes. Maybe slightly more accessible than Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark. Like even before 700's events he was basically using villan tech for good uses. It would be kind of cool to see Peter Parker even take on a new role as a "Good Guy's Tinkerer" - someone needs a new weapon or tool or upgrade to their costume, they go to Peter Parker. Which also helps keep focus off his activities as Spider-Man since even if he's seen using something in public, everyone knows that he's the tech guy to the super tights. Maybe even make Tony Stark a bit jealous as the 'go to' tech guy. Heck, even have Mary Jane as his costume designer.
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