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Re: "One Small Step" thoughts

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But wasn't that the point? To risk their lives for knowledge, in this case knowledge not just for an unusual phenomenon but for a "dead guy" who in the space of an hour became all too real to Seven and Tom and Chakotay as they listened to his voice and his stories.

That's why I absolutely love the ending, despite some people's interpretation that Seven was upstaging the corpse at his funeral.

SEVEN: The Yankees, in six games.
To me that line and Tom's smile meant that the "dead guy", even if only for a few moments, once again lived for these people. Once again "mattered" to his community, beyond just being a name and a mission date.
I do agree with you. I was not trying to say that it was not worth it for them and I do enjoy this episode. I just thought (at least the first time I watched it) that it came all too close to risking their own lives...because I had grown to love the Voyager characters and this episode had me worried for them even though...I knew that by the end of the episode, that they would all be back.

And yes I do love Seven's line at the end about the Yankees.
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