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Re: Spock's the best 1st Officer in Starfleet?

Quickly googling for the term at the Chakoteya transcript site gives five uses of "executive" in TNG, three of them from the first season and referring to Riker and the other two from later but "unreal" cases ("executive officer in charge of radishes" plus "XO MacDuff")...

DS9 has three hits, one of which also contains use of the abbreviation "XO".

No hits anywhere in VOY, ENT or TOS/TAS!

In canon, then, it would appear that Sisko was Leyton's XO and Riker was Picard's XO, but no other First Officer is known to have carried that additional title, and no officer other than somebody's second-in-command is known to have been XO to anybody. Quite possibly being XO is an administrative job that may be held by various people aboard a Starfleet ship, and only select First Officers opt to take this as their "second proficiency". Spock instead chooses to be Chief Science Officer on the side, and Kirk's XO may be some Lieutenant or Ensign serving under Ben Finney...

Timo Saloniemi
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