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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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^ Yeah. Put the gunbarrel anywhere or nowhere, just don't make Q and M total morons.
Agreed. And, you know, have Bond succeed. At SOMETHING.
He did, he klled Silva.

Sheesh I'm glad you guys weren't around when OHMSS came out...
Oooo... he killed the bad guy after the bad guy succeeded in his goals, way to go Bond! You've really... um... saved the day...

There's a big difference between OHMSS and Skyfall: Bond stopped the Bad Guy from succeeding in OHMSSS (which is a great film.) In Skyfall, Bond practically helps Silva kill M.

In OHMSS, he suffers a personal loss from stopping the bad guy, and that was very moving. In Skyfall, a lot of people die, he fails as the primary mission, and Bond STILL keeps his job.... What does it take to get fired from MI6?
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