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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

What I'm still trying to figure out with Kitty Pryde is - how old is she supposed to be now? I mean I get that she's an "adult" now- but let's face it, Kitty was "Acting" like an adult for a loooong time now. Heck during a good part of Excalibur she was still technically a minor - there was even a subplot during the aftermath of Fall of the Mutants when she was basically foster'd to Courtney Ross that she still had to go to school and even went to this posh boarding school. And that was in the mid-late 80s.

So let's assume that she was maaaaaaybe 17-18 by the 90s - since by the end of the 90s she was doing stuff for SHIELD and was "off to college".

Now let's look at Spider-Man... presumably he's now sorta being written as being a tad more mature - but really only because Doc Ock is in his body - but I'm sure he's still in his late 20s - not quite 30 yet - since supposedly even Tony Stark is in his 30s - probably late 30s but not yet 40. Now Spider-Man's been basically in his 20s for almost 40 years - since the only time he really "aged" was when he went to college and met Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. And then slightly when he married Mary Jane. Even though the marriage was "Retconned" out of existance it's still accepted that the two of them spent "years" together, long enough for them to be an accepted 'thing'.

So this is my question... why is Kitty Pryde allowed to age and Peter Parker isn't? I'm sure if Kitty Pryde went up to Peter Parker - (not Octo-Pete) and started to flirt with him - I'm sure Pete's thought bubble would be like "She's legal but man why do I feel like a dirty old man?" Considering he's also dated Ms. Marvel - who is certainly past 30 given her experience in the military and it wasn't like he was dating an 'older woman' so they presumably felt they were close enough in age. Not that age would ever really be an issue with super heroes - but let's face it, Carol Danvers was working for NASA when Peter Parker was still in high school or college.

So in conclusion - Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde - Marvel's perma-kids.
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