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Re: what's the rationale for Vulcan emotional suppression?

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How telepathic are Romulans? Perhaps they've lost this ability over the centuries after their exodus. Telepathy played a big role in the savage nature of pre-Surak Vulcan. Maybe without telepathy, the Romulans have had an easier time in conquering their savage heritage.

Or, perhaps the telepathic Remans figure into this somehow.
One thing I didn't like about Romulans in TNG is they gave them subtle forehead ridges, so they must have split from Vulcan a LONG time ago to have gone through some actual physical evolution. Evolution is pretty slow if not nonexistent in a modern technological society. I don't think it was every disclosed whether Romulans had any telepathic capabilities although there were hints of some sort of special connection possible between Romulan/Vulcan couplings ala The Enterprise Incident, and then Saavik was half-romulan, but her origin was never explained.
Chalk it up to a regional/ethnic characteristic like a epicanthic fold in humans.
That seems to be the conclusion reached by Ex Astris Scientia:
The Romulan make-up is overall unusually consistent. It has undergone just one change in over 40 years (or two, if we count in the reversal in "Star Trek (2009)"), and not a dramatic one. Unlike it is the case with the ultimate solution to the Klingon Forehead Problem in ENT: "Divergence", we should better ignore this discontinuity. Because it would be incredibly contrived if the Romulans had suffered from a similar or even the same disease at the same time.

A possible rationale for the change of physiology is that the Romulans, during their long exodus, merged with other species. This could be the reason why they essentially still look like Vulcans but their physiology is slightly different. It could explain why some Romulans have pronounced forehead bones and others looks exactly as Vulcans. But it would not be plausible at all why all TOS Romulans (perhaps with the exception of some helmeted crew members) are of the latter group, and all 24th century Romulans without any exception of the former. Much less could it explain the new old look of Nero's crew, unless they all had their foreheads surgically smoothed.

Finally, it is interesting that the Mintakans, who were described as "proto-Vulcan" in TNG: "Who Watches the Watchers", share more traits with the Romulans than with the Vulcans. But the Mintakans must have been living on their planet for much longer than the time since the Vulcan/Romulan schism. Whether they evolved from the genetic seeds of the Progenitors (TNG: "The Chase") or were relocated to the planet by the Preservers like Miramanee's people (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome") remains uncertain.
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