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VOY Caption Contest 105; An Ill-fated Venture...

Adobe Flash Player 11.6 seems to have cured itself of its irksomeness, thank God! Sorry for all the delays but that's by the by now.

And now...

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Robert Beltran: Can I come out now? Is the series over yet?
LeadHead wrote: View Post

Computer: Warning, by using a phaser in close proximity to this console, the warranty is now void.
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TUVOK: Mr Suter, I am now transferring to you my feelings about Neelix. You will know what to do.
Triskelion wrote: View Post

Tuvok: Keep...perfectly...still...Lieutenant.

Tom: I...don''s...working....

Well?? Isn't anyone going to comment on my new hairdo?
The special award goes to...

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JANEWAY: Get to work, people! You don't get paid to stand around!

TUVOK: Actually, Captain. We don't get paid at all.



Most of these pictures I got from the beginning of the series and in particular from Caretaker, as always fire away!

The next caption contest will start on the 18th of March.

Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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