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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

Timby wrote: View Post
Always connected to the Internet =/= removing single-player.
Some of the reviews I've read have said that the game is balanced for multiplayer. Because the cities are so small, they can't do everything you might want, so you have to have multiple cities and trade between them. While it's possible to play a region by yourself, the asynchronous nature of the cities makes that repetitive and time consuming (especially now that the option to fast-forward has been disabled).

For example, this quote:
Yes, it is entirely possible to play SimCity on your own, without any other players, but this is not really ideal. If you're managing multiple cities in a region, that turns an already intense time suck into a more stressful endeavor. I did not enjoy the act of trying to balance multiple cities in a region by myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm generally of the mindset that games like SimCity should be played in tomb-like isolation, but that isn't how this SimCity is meant to be played. It's meant to be played with friends. To try and fight against its multiplayer is to fight against the very nature of this game's design.
Granted, you've actually played the game so you know whether or not that's the case better than I do, but I've read that sort of commentary in a couple of places.

Emher wrote: View Post
When they shut down, someone will have cracked it and you can still play it.
Maybe. The region stuff, which is a huge part of this game, is handled entirely on the servers and the only people that have access to that code are the guys at Maxis. To make a working cracked version of the game, hackers are going to have to reverse engineer whatever the servers are doing purely by monitoring packets being transmitted between the game and the servers. Depending on how intricate the regional stuff is, which is something we don't really know right now, it could take years to get a working crack running, and even then it probably wont perfectly emulate the game's servers. Alternatively, someone at Maxis could anonymously leak the region code to facilitate the creation of a crack, but that's unlikely.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
Cities XL looks pretty good right now.
If only I could upgrade roads in that game without having to demolish everything on either side. It's especially annoying if you use curved roads everywhere to create an organic look to the city, like I normally do. This new SimCity doesn't seem to have that problem.
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