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Re: Full Theatrical Trailer with "G.I. Joe 2"

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I seriously don't get the hipster too cool for Abrams Trek thing that I've seen here. Star Trek Movies have never been "Fun." THey've been really dorky people trying to make really dork jokes for a very specific dorky audience.
And I don't get the "pre-Abrams Trek has no redeeming qualities and deserves to be forgotten" attitude thing I've seen here.

The truth is that for 30 years Star Trek was one of the world's more popular TV/movie franchises. And things people often ridicule pre-Abrams Trek for (stilted dialogue, battle scenes you can makes sense out of, lack of lens flares) are what drew people in. And if it weren't for people tuning in to see that week after week and going to theatres to see the eight movies that were released in the first thirty years, then there wouldn't be anything for Abrams to modernize and his fans wouldn't have the chance to enjoy the 2009 movie or STID. Everything Abrams Trek is it owes to Prime Trek. Undeniable fact.
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