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Re: Early UK Release For Star Trek Into Darkness

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"Didn't do as well as expected" by whom, I'd have to ask? And what were the numbers* for the UK / Germany / Europe, versus numbers for the previous Trek films in those same markets?

Every time this issue is raised, it seems as if Star Trek (2009) is being compared to the sort of action movies which typically do double or triple overseas what they do domestically, while the typical pattern for Star Trek films has the domestic take at roughly double the international.

* i.e., % of Int'l. box office and/or % of worldwide totals?
I'll just go ahead and retract what I said earlier and my reasoning for why other countries are getting the release, before the film's place of origin. Although so long as I've thrown a word like "probably" into a harmless little forum discussion like this (the equivalent of talk in a drinking establishment and not a CEO boardroom), it's all fair game.

Looking at this...
...and the focus on trying to improve International Box Office, especially non-English speaking places, Star Trek Into Darkness ought to be getting its world premiere in North Korea!

There's no film-by-film breakdown of domestic vs int'nl percentages for big screen Star Treks... (although you can calculate The Voyage Home did well, by subtracting one from the other). Instead the focus is on summer blockbusters instead and how the last one did 1/3 the business around the world, when closer to half is what they probably wanted.

And for the sake of argument, there's that word again...
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