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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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I saw TOS props at an exhibition - up close they were rubbish!
One of the dangers of HDTV, too.

I remember visiting the set of MILLER'S COURT, a WCVB production in Boston many years ago—in the prehistoric NTSC days. It was a minimalist set in a black limbo featuring a bench with legal books in a bookcase, a jury stand and other trappings of a US court room.

What looked like lathed woodwork was in fact styrofoam painted brown with poster paint. The bookshelf was a studio flat with no depth at all—the "shelves" were strips of lathing and the hollow of the shelves were flat black poster paint with the bindings of retired legal books hot-glued in place. On camera it all looked very substantial. In person the economical diorama was evident from a distance.

TOS was very much a theater of the mind.
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