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Re: Full Theatrical Trailer with "G.I. Joe 2"

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The people with all the money?
Yeah, only the richest and most sophisticated type of audience pay to see meat-headed Bruce Willis and The Rock action movies.
Do you simply not know how to enjoy something for what it is? I'm looking at my DVD/Blu-ray shelf and I see an eclectic collection of films with Commando and 2001 sitting right next to each other.
Why isn't your shelf alphabetized?

I seriously don't get the hipster too cool for Abrams Trek thing that I've seen here. Star Trek Movies have never been "Fun." THey've been really dorky people trying to make really dork jokes for a very specific dorky audience.

That's how we get things like Data singing Life Forms, becoming a flotation device and Picard doing the mambo or Kirk and Spock singing row row row your boat after they failed to meet god, or an entire subplot of Deanna Troi being raped for fun. Or Worf being promoted on an old sailing vessel in full 18th century costume.

THis is why STar Trek died in 2002. Then was kept on Cartoonish life support for 3 more years.

Let's face it, with the exception of nu-Trek, Star Trek hasn't been good since the spring of 1999.
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